Battery Field Service & Repair


    On-Site & In-House Battery Maintenance Services

    Rogue Power is an authorized distributor for  motive power forklift truck batteries and chargers. We provide on-site and in-house service for motive power batteries and equipment through our team of experienced personnel to help you with any problems that you may encounter.

    National Service Network

    Failures can happen without warning and can create havoc in your facility’s operations. Rogue Power has factory-trained service technicians who can provide on-site repairs for your lift truck batteries and chargers. They will arrive at your facility with a full complement of equipment and parts  needed to accomplish tasks at hand.

    In-House Repairs & Extended Repair Times –

    If your battery or charger repairs warrant a major overhaul, we can easily accommodate this through one of our national service facilities. We have the ability to make acid level adjustments, run charge/discharge cycles, and refurbish your batteries in any of our facilities. Our efficient, cost-effective services assure you a fast turnaround for minimal downtime.

    Preventative Maintenance Services

    Maintaining your assets properly is necessary to reduce your replacement frequency and prolong the life of your equipment. A quarterly or semi-annual investment in a PM program can reduce your costs substantially and help you maintain the energy capacity of your batteries. Contact Rogue Power for more information about our planned maintenance programs, and let us assist you.

    Battery Cleaning

    What kind of shape are your batteries in? Take a look at your batteries…. If you have a collection of white corrosion accumulating around the battery box and inter-cell connectors, you have a problem that needs to be addressed. This is a collection of water, acid, dirt and other debris. This material can carry current to sensitive electrical components on your lift truck or other equipment. Damage to these electrical components could produce service charges adding up to thousands of dollars. A little maintenance now could save you a great deal of money later.

    An experienced technician from Rogue Power can extract and clean your batteries on-site and offer suggestions to help you eliminate this problem in the future.

    Battery Watering Services

    Battery watering is a necessary but time consuming chore. Having the proper equipment and personnel may not be an option at your facility. Rogue Power offers watering programs tailored to your operation.