Battery Handling Equipment

    Rogue Power Services offers a complete array of battery handling products, systems, and services. This comprehensive offering includes design, engineering, sales and support, as well as the best service in the industry.

    Automatic Transfer Carriages (ATC)

    Attaches to existing pallet trucks to change forklift batteries. The BHS Automatic Transfer Carriage (ATC) converts an existing pallet truck into an efficient, portable battery changer. The ATC is available in a variety of models with many flexible options to satisfy all unique battery handling requirements.

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    Battery Transfer Carriages (BTC)

    Mobile battery change-out systems with powered and manual functions. This combination manual lift and powered extraction Battery Transfer Carriage features a hydraulic operated extractor arm. Extraction is accomplished with a heavy-duty hydraulic motor controlled by a manual control valve with overload relief for additional safety. Power is supplied by a 12-volt dc hydraulic power unit. Raising and lowering is accomplished with a center-mounted manual hand jack. Lift range is from 5.5 inches to 23.5 inches (140 millimeters to 597 millimeters).

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    Walkie Transfer Carriages (WTC)

    Mounts to pallet trucks for battery side-extraction. 

    The BHS Walkie Transfer Carriage (WTC) is a non-powered battery changer designed for smaller battery fleets. The WTC mounts to the user’s existing pallet truck to change batteries in side-extraction applications.

    The WTC comes in three models and offers a dependable and versatile battery changing system at an affordable cost. Its simple design makes maintenance easy, and its heavy-duty construction provides rugged durability in harsh warehouse conditions.

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    Roller Transfer Carts (RTC)

    Heavy-duty casters and a roller bed for simple battery transportation. 

    The BHS Roller Transfer Cart (RTC) is a simple but heavy-duty battery changing cart that allows staff to quickly change out a forklift battery. This rugged cart offers excellent safety features and was built to withstand the harsh conditions of battery rooms and warehouses.

    The RTC has poly-sleeved rollers that can easily handle batteries up to 3,000 pounds. These durable rollers reduce corrosive buildup that can result from electrolyte residue on batteries. The rollers are also spark-proof, which provides an added measure of safety.

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    Battery Roller Stands (BS)

    Customizable forklift Battery Stands with poly-sleeved rollers. 

    BHS Battery Roller Stands provide the ideal location to charge, store, and exchange lift truck batteries safely and efficiently. Battery Roller Stands are constructed with heavy-duty steel for durability, with an acid-resistant powder coating. Spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers simplify battery transfers.

    Several compartment configurations, safety features, and functional additions are available to provide custom solutions. A charger shelf and CR-1 Cable Retractor mounting holes come standard.

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    Battery Service Stands (BSS)

    360-degree access to a forklift battery during maintenance tasks. 

    The BHS Battery Service Stand (BSS) is constructed with heavy-duty steel and provides a convenient place to temporarily store an industrial battery during lift truck service. The BSS is also ideal for storing a Drop-In Roller while not in use.

    The BSS provides 360 degrees of access to a battery, making it perfect for spot cleaning or troubleshooting. This simple but rugged stand features spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers which reduce buildup of corrosive material and extend the life of the stand.

    Choose from a variety of roller heights and compartment widths to seamlessly match your lift truck fleet’s specifications. Custom models are available to meet your unique demands.

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    Hardwood Battery Stations (HBS)

    Dependable, custom-built battery storage for Gantry Crane systems. 

    BHS Hardwood Battery Stations (HBS) are an ideal battery storage solution for BHS Gantry Cranes and other overhead extraction applications. These rugged stations have a heavy-duty frame and a powder-coat finish for added durability.

    The station’s recycled polyethylene decking is acid-resistant, nonconductive, and environmentally friendly. A tapered dust rail in the center of the stand prevents accumulation of debris and residue.

    Corner-formed Drip Pan Kits are available to catch spilled electrolyte and protect warehouse floors from pitting and corrosion. These custom-fitted pans slide in and out for quick and easy maintenance.

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    Charger Stands (CS)

    Safe, easy-access storage for forklift battery chargers. 

    BHS Charger Stands provide a dedicated location to safely and conveniently store forklift battery chargers while providing sufficient access for maintenance personnel. BHS charger stands are built to withstand harsh environments and keep forklift battery chargers elevated and out of forklift travel paths.

    Pre-cut anchoring slots make it easy to secure chargers in all four corners. Smooth, rounded corners on the shelf help extend product longevity. All aspects of BHS charger stands were designed to improve battery room efficiency and productivity.

    To suit all types of chargers and requirements, BHS offers a variety of other charger mounting stands and brackets, as well as cable management accessories designed for use with charger stands to properly route charger cables. All stands have mounting holes on both sides for BHS Cable Retractors.

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    Charger Wall Brackets (CWB)

    Sturdy, safe, and economical storage for battery charging equipment. 

    Charger Wall Brackets (CWB) from BHS offer a sturdy and economical solution for mounting forklift battery chargers. Protect chargers and free up valuable floor space with this set of heavy-duty brackets.

    Installed, a set of CWBs is 24.13 inches by 24.13 inches and supports up to 400 pounds when mounted on a wall with sufficient bearing strength. Charger Wall Brackets are easy to install and models are available with galvanized or powder-coated steel construction for a lifetime of service.

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    Portable Gantry Cranes:

    Powered and Non-Powered Gantry Cranes. 

    BHS gantry cranes provide safe and easy vertical extraction for most standard lift truck batteries. They are significantly more cost-effective than bridge cranes, and their modular design allows for easy system expansion.

    Our sales specialists can help you find custom-tailored gantries for your operation to provide a fast return on your investment. Click on either of the options below for more information or for a full list of product specifications.

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