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DIN / EURO Forklift Batteries (Bolt-on)


Rogue Power Solutions (RPS) offers a full range of high cyclic PzS traction batteries for your Motive Power and Solar / Energy Storage applications. Offering unique and technologically advanced lead acid PzS offerings, RPS batteries are manufactured to the highest of standards with state of the art machinery and processes with the capability to reach more than 1500 cycles at 80% depth of discharge according to EN/IEC 60 254-1 (IEC 254-1).

Design Features:

  • High capacity tubular cells designed for high cycle applications
  • Unique surface area to permit higher voltages in high rate and cold storage applications
  • Provides longer run times between charges
  • High pressure cast positive splines resist corrosion with its unique dense grid structure
  • Uniform application of active material and weight through wet filling process

Other Benefits:

  • Cylindrical gauntlets provide superior resistance to material shedding
  • Fully enclosed separators to reduce short circuiting
  • Rubber terminal bushings
  • Fully insulated copper cell connectors prevent short circuiting with decreased voltage leakage to the truck
  • Bolt on cell connectors and cables allow for field replacement of cells and cables

Optional battery accessory connection points provide easy access to needed voltages for battery data loggers, water systems and other battery telemetry devices your forklift may utilize.



360 degree insulated cables provide drop and touch safe truck-to-battery and inter-cell connection.



Flip top vent cap features the most advanced design and engineering techniques in the battery industry. The product is ergonomically designed and allows maintenance people to check the electrolyte fluid level without removing the cap from the battery. The snap-on design of the flip top allows the positioning of the closure to rotate in any direction.

FROETEK Aqua Low Profile Battery Watering System

Is a newly developed German engineered single-point water system designed to save time, increase safety and fit most forklift battery brands on the market. The ultra-low profile design is engineered for easy installation.

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Replaceable insulated truck-to-battery cables with bolt-on connections to the battery.