Flat Plate Forklift Battery

    Rogue Power Solutions offers a full range of Flat Plate forklift battery for all makes and models of industrial forklifts, lift truck fleets and motive power industrial equipment. Many of our customers ask for custom designs based on your lift truck fleet’s or your facility’s unique applications. You can count on our flat plate forklift battery to be crafted from premium quality materials that provides you the most effective capacity and voltage for your application requirements.

    Our Flat Plate Forklift Battery is:

    • One of the heaviest batteries in the motive power industry
    • Designed with thirteen vertical grid wires for better charge / recharge and deep cycling capabilities
    • Out unique POSIWRAP Protection, the most insulated industrial cells available on the market
    • Custom designed sleeve-style separators that eliminate missing or misaligned separators

    Flat Plate Forklift Battery Key Features:

    • Heavy, thick plates resist corrosion
    • Low maintenance lead alloy reduces gassing and decreases water loss
    • Full 5-year limited warranty
    • Flip-top vent caps for easy watering
    • Acid-resistant: Powder-Coated epoxy steel battery trays

    Optional Bolt-on Cables

    Need More Information on Flat Plate Forklift Battery?

    Here are a Few Resources to Help You Out:

    Operations Manual

    Product Data Sheet

    SDS – Safety Data Sheet



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