Forklift Battery Fleet Survey

    A forklift battery fleet survey are useful tools for forklift fleet managers. That’s because forklift batteries can be one of the more challenging parts to manage, especially to understand the forklift battery performance and expected life. That’s where a forklift power study works to manage the forklift battery fleet.

    A power study takes into consideration key areas including: monitoring, prescriptive analytics, and the experience and expertise of our technicians. We’ll get down to the specifics of how many batteries do you have for the forklift fleet, are there spare forklift batteries to consider, how often are forklift batteries being changed and what is the usage from area to area, as each area is not equal. The results from the power study will help you to know and balance battery utilization for what each lift truck application and shift needs in order to be productive and avoid downtime.

    Whether you have a fleet in a single location or multiple locations nationwide, we have the forklift experts needed to keep your forklift fleet in top performance.

    What Should You Expect from Rogue?

    Rogue Power Solutions employs experienced forklift battery technicians who can perform the most complicated to the easy fix tasks for all forklift battery makes and models. If you have questions, be sure to reach out and we’ll get back to you with answers that are tailored to your environment.

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