Forklift Battery Fleet Survey

    The RPS forklift battery fleet survey is a useful tool for forklift fleet managers. That’s because forklift batteries can be one of the more challenging parts to manage, especially to understand the forklift battery performance and expected life. Forklifts have their own way of using power. That’s why often downtime can become a real issue. If the forklift battery’s health is at risk, it can easily stop working. The best way to understand its productivity is for RPS to conduct a power study.

    The RPS power study takes into consideration three key areas: monitoring, prescriptive analytics, and the experience and expertise of our technicians to diagnose this important information. The results from the power study will help you know and balance battery utilization for what each lift truck and application shift require to be productive and avoid downtime.

    Whether you have a fleet in a single location or multiple locations nationwide, we have expert battery technicians to help keep your forklift batteries preforming at the highest level of productivity.

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