Forklift Battery Inspection and On-Site Evaluation

    A forklift battery inspection works to extend the life of your forklift and other equipment in order to improve performance and avoid downtime. Rogue Power offers an on-site assessment from a single forklift battery evaluation to your entire fleet.

    On-Site Forklift Battery Evaluation

    A Rogue Power technician will begin the process with a visual inspection of the forklift battery. We’ll search for any type of acid loss, watering system malfunction, corrosion, connector cell issues, cable problems or noticeable damage.

    If the forklift battery problem can be solved with the on-site evaluation by the technician, great! You’re done. If the visual inspection requires further testing to determine the forklift battery issue(s), we’ll bring the forklift battery to our full-service repair facility for further diagnostic testing.

    Forklift Battery Inspection

    Once the forklift battery arrives at our facility, we’ll review the findings and begin the diagnostic testing with our industrial battery test equipment. The industrial battery test equipment will check each stage of the battery discharge phase. If a cell repair, acid adjustment or connector needs to be fixed, our experienced technicians will communicate the findings and recommendations. A detailed report will be sent to you for your own records.

    What Can You Expect?

    You can expect to have an experienced, trained forklift battery technician to inspect and get the most from your forklift battery. We apply best practices for the various forklift batteries to ensure maximum production and efficiency. Be sure to contact us today by filling out the form below so we can answer your general to specific questions.

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