Forklift Battery Preventative Maintenance

    Forklift battery preventative maintenance or PM for forklift batteries, forklift chargers and forklift battery changing systems are vital to the continued peak performance for one, two or three shifts. A PM program will also work to keep additional expenses to a minimum, helping you to manage your budget and ensuring management’s support year after year.

    We’ll work together to determine the right forklift battery preventative maintenance cycle: weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

    Forklift Battery PM Agenda

    Our job is to understand the health and performance of each forklift battery. Our skilled technicians will perform a variety of tests on the forklift battery, forklift chargers and the forklift battery changing system. Our technical team will ensure that your forklift batteries and any accessories are OSHA compliant and you will receive the reports to show OSHA auditors if one shows up at your facility. We also maintain a copy if in the event a question arises.

    Whether you have one forklift or forklift fleets, Rogue Power Solutions can keep your forklift running at peak performance.

    Do You Have Questions for Our Technicians?

    Our forklift battery technicians are highly skilled and are ready to answer your questions. We’re here to help you gain the most out of each forklift battery to ensure you maximize the life from the large investment. Contact us today to build a long lasting relationship.

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