Lithium Forklift Batteries

    Lithium forklift batteries significantly reduces the operating costs for industrial facilities. As a Chicago, IL based customer told us: by using lithium forklift batteries, on 29 of their forklifts in their forklift fleet that operates 6 days per week, they were able to save just about $400,000 over a four year period. Reduction of costs for:

    • Lithium forklift batteries allows you to only have one lithium forklift battery per truck versus the traditional 2 or 3 forklift lead acid battery.
    • A consistent full charge times of less than 2 hours.
    • Lithium forklift battery lasts a lifetime and is twice as long as that of lead-acid and gel batteries.
    • No battery room or maintenance. Savings on equipment of battery room, wages for maintenance personnel and outsource maintenance contracts.


    RPS Forklift Active battery

    Lithium forklift batteries represent a new lithium battery generation with an active balancing system that is based on a number of unique patented technical solutions. Rogue Power Solution’s Battery Equalizer, our proprietary active balancing system that enables such features as charge equalization between cells and a virtual cell effect that keeps the forklift battery working even if 1 cell fails. This features places Rogue Power Solutions’ forklift batteries well ahead of competition.

    Patented RPS Forklift Battery Equalizer technology actively transfers power between cells, equalizing voltage and making full capacity of the forklift battery available. Now 100% forklift battery capacity is always at your disposal. Forklift battery continues to be operational, even if some cells have lost their ability to store energy, thus making a virtual cell effect.

    Conventional lithium forklift batteries become inoperable if one of their cells degrades. Another advantage of RPS Forklift Active system is extremely low self-discharge (less than 3% per month). This minimizes the need to charge forklift batteries when stored for an extended period of time. Protection and switching functionality that is specifically developed for warehouse environment prevents forklift battery damage. While creating RPS forklift Forklift Active battery we took into account all disadvantages of conventional lithium forklift batteries, providing our product with higher available capacity, longer lifetime and faster charge time.

    Forklift Chargers

    Lithium forklift batteries require high power continuous current chargers that are controlled by the forklift battery through a dedicated digital connection. Charger plug design provides for automatic truck power-down when it is connected to it. This feature enables charging the forklift truck with a simple connection of the charger to the lift trucks. Electronics will do the rest! Stopping the charging process requires only disconnecting the charger plug from the forklift battery. The plug automatically detects the start of disconnecting and stops the chargers and disconnects lithium cells from its charger port.

    Rogue Power offers a range of Power Designers, EcoTech and ACT forklift chargers all with a successful track record with lithium batteries. For more information visit our website or call us – we will help you to choose the right chargers and proper location for opportunity charging stations throughout your facilities.

    Economic Benefit

    It is known that the total cost of lift truck fleet ownership consists of equipment price and its operating costs. With facility forklift trucks, the more operating cost, the higher the total cost of ownership. We built our lithium forklift batteries to minimize your forklift fleet operating costs and increase its efficiency. Our lithium forklift batteries reduce the cost of forklift fleet ownership by half. This is achieved through a shorter (up to 4 times in comparison with lead-acid battery) charge time and longer forklift lithium battery operating time that leads to several major advantages:

    • You no longer have to use two lithium forklift batteries for one forklift when the first lithium forklift battery is charging and the second one works. One truck – one lithium battery! Moreover, lithium batteries can be opportunity charged during short work breaks. Battery room equipment and maintenance is no longer required! You save precious facility space and reduce maintenance cost and charging personnel wages.
    • Electricity savings: RPS lithium forklift battery charging and discharging efficiency leads to lower electricity costs and CO2 footprint. With a large forklift fleet this can be a strong argument for switching from lead-acid or gel batteries to lithium.
    • RPS lithium forklift batteries significantly reduce operating costs of your facility equipment. The benefit becomes obvious in this real world example: a company in Chicago, IL used just one lithium forklift battery per truck on 29 trucks in the fleet for only a 6 day-per-week operation, will save nearly $400K over a 4 year time.


    Lithium Forklift Batteries Cost

    If you use equipment more than 5-8 motor-hours a day, with a traditional setup you will need 2 lead-acid batteries. With Lithium forklift batteries you’ll only need one single battery!

    • RPS lithium forklift battery does not require additional investments in battery room or battery maintenance personnel.
    • Lithium forklift batteries are more power-efficient and use 35% less electricity. Because a much smaller lithium forklift battery can handle the same workload, properly sizing a lithium forklift battery can further increase your cost savings. To select the right lithium forklift battery for you our sales managers need detailed information about the facility and nature of operations in which you plan to use the new lithium forklift batteries.

    Just call us and together we will select the ideal battery and a charger.

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