Pallet Racking

    Speedrack – DIFFERENCE…by Design

    Provided by Rogue Power Solutions


    Speedrack Products Group, Ltd. is a company that is…and always has been revolutionary. Revolutionary in thinking, and revolutionary in products and services. Speedrack has been at the forefront of the storage products industry for over 55 years and is one of the leading suppliers of pallet racking and storage systems. Speedrack is committed to providing material handling systems/equipment that maximize our customer’s use of space and contribute to effective warehouse logistics solutions — we provide functional designs to ensure safety, productivity and reliability.

    Speedrack was the first to develop completely tubular pallet rack, and remains one of the few to provide seamless tubing for columns, beams, horizontals, and diagonal bracing. Few rack manufacturers offer this style due to the higher production costs and greater precision requirements compared to open shapes. Tubular designed rack allows us to provide our customers with greater strength per pound of steel and higher resistance to damage than conventional open shape sections. This means increased safety, longer life, and lower maintenance of your rack solution.