Forklift & Motive Power Batteries

    Flat Plate Forklift Battery

    We offer a full range of Flat Plate batteries or flat plate lead-acid battery for all makes and models of industrial lift trucks and motive power industrial equipment. Be sure to ask us about our custom designs for your application and premium quality materials to give you the most effective capacity and voltage for your application needs. Be sure to view all of our flat plate forklift battery selection now.

    DIN / EURO or Tubular Forklift Batteries (Bolt-On)

    Rogue Power Solutions provides a full range of DIN / Euro forklift batteries or also known as tubular forklift batteries for high cyclic PzS traction batteries for Motive Power and Solar / Energy Storage applications. Offering unique and technologically advanced lead acid PzS offerings for tubular forklift batteries, our forklift batteries are manufactured to the highest of standards with state of the art machinery and processes with the capability to reach more than 1,500 cycles at 80% depth of discharge according to EN/IEC 60 254-1 (IEC 254-1). Be sure to view our selection of DIN / Euro forklift batteries or our tubular forklift batteries by clicking below.

    Lithium Forklift Battery Packs

    Lithium forklift battery packs significantly reduce operating costs of your lift trucks.

    The benefit of lithium forklift battery packs becomes obvious as stated by one of our Chicago, IL customers: Our customer uses our lithium forklift battery packs on a 29 lift truck fleet for a 6 day-per-week operation, and saved nearly $400K over 4 years. Reduction of costs is driven by:

    • Lithium forklift battery packs let you have only one battery per truck (vs 2 or 3 in traditional lead acid battery setup) this is possible through opportunity charging and consistent full charge times of less than 2 hours.
    • Rogue Power’s forklift battery lifetime is twice as long as that of lead-acid and gel forklift batteries.
    • No forklift battery maintenance. Savings on equipment of forklift battery room, wages for maintenance personnel and outsource maintenance contracts.

    RPS lithium forklift battery pack is a way to leave your competition way behind.

    Pallet Jack Batteries

    What type of pallet jack batteries do you need? Choose from a variety of forklift, aerial lift and pallet jack batteries right here at Rogue Power.

    • 12V
    • 24V
    • 36V
    • Flooded (WET), Sealed (AGM / GEL), Lithium

    Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries or VRLA Batteries


    Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries or VRLA batteries are commonly referred to as a sealed lead-acid (SLA), gel cell, or maintenance free battery. Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries or VRLA batteries is a type of lead-acid rechargeable battery. Based on their construction, the Gel and AGM types of VRLA can be mounted in any orientation, and do not require constant or regular maintenance.

    AGV Batteries


    AGV batteries or AGV battery packs come in custom 6V, 12V, 18V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 80V – NiCad, Lithium, Lead Acid and GEL / AGM. These AGV batteries are the standard for warehouse, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities as their outstanding performance, longer runtimes and fast charging material handling battery solution. AGV batteries or also known as automated guided vehicle batteries for forklift and other industrial trucks are safe, lightweight and easy on the environment.


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