Battery Data Logger

    WBID – Wireless Battery Communicator & Data Logger

    The new WBID is the ultimate in battery-mounted monitoring devices, reliably providing accurate usage details for the entire life of the battery. 

    The all new WBID is the ultimate battery mounted monitoring device that lowers maintenance costs and increases productivity by intelligently managing your fleet of assets. The WBID goes much further than the standard battery device with monitoring and recording of critical data points, such as

    • Average and Min/Max Temperature
    • Ah in/out
    • Total EQ hours
    • Average connects per day

    We listened to you, our customers, and created a new 30-day summary with easier access to critical data for your fleet evaluation, utilizing the graphical tools from our new DataLink3 software package.

    Additional options, features and benefits include:

    • Level sensors
    • Electrolyte and ambient temperature sensors
    • Configurable LED output module
    • Both tabular and graphical summary of data available for easier trend analyses
      • For in-depth review of any fleet concerns, 5min data can be downloaded for evaluation
    • Indication of number of connects per day
    • Display of idle, usage, and charge times
    • Timestamped event logs
    • Minimum and average state of charge
    • Access to data via ZigBee technology
    • Multiple I/O capabilities
    BID – Standard Wired Battery Communicator

    Battery Identification Device (BID) provides the charger with the ID number of the battery, but it does so much more! 

    We called it a BID, or Battery Identification Device, because it provides the charger with the ID number of the battery. But, it does much more! The BID also tells the charger what kind of battery it is, its Ah capacity, how many cells it has, and what start rate to use.  Thoughout the charge, the BID provides the charger with updated battery temperature readings.  With a BID in place, any BID capable controlled charger can provide the optimum temperature compensated charge profile for that particular battery.

    • Provides battery ID for charger archive records
    • Provides charger with cell size, Ah capacity, charge profile, and start rate to use
    • Continuous update of temperature throughout charge to allow optimized, temperature compensated charge profile
    Site Probe – Portable Battery Data Logger

    The Site Probe is the perfect tool for analyzing a site’s truck usage and power requirements in day-to-day usage. It is most often used to prepare new systems proposals. 

    The AMETEK Site Probe is the perfect tool for analyzing a site’s truck usage and power requirements in day to day usage. Most often used in preparing a proposal for new systems, the Site Probe can also be used as a tool to examine operational systems for diagnostic purposes. The Site Probe connects between the truck and the battery and stays with the truck if the battery is changed. In that way, it can record data continuously throughout the workday to evaluate the total requirement for that truck and when that energy is required. Like the WBID, the Site Probe transmits summary data via long range radio to a computer-connected WID and downloads high resolution detail data through the computer’s WiFi system. Once logs are on board the computer, they are readily analyzed using the extensive suite of graphical tools included in DataLink3. Included in these tools is an extremely powerful modeling system that let’s you “try out” alternative charging schemes on the computer to see how they would work out. With it, you can quickly evaluate different charger start rates, charging opportunities, no gassing times, etc. and see graphical output showing you how things would work out with your selected settings and this user’s actual work load.

    • Easily installed
    • Rugged phenolic case for maximum durability
    • Highly versatile – use on any truck size
    • High resolution data – either 1 second or 5 minute, user selected
    • Integrates with the advanced graphical analysis and modelling tools of DataLink3

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    The industry’s first 24/7 wireless battery management system.

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    A Comprehensive Battery Analysis and Diagnostic System

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    The World’s first and only Bluetooth enabled battery sensor

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