RPS H2Detector (H2D) Hydrogen Gas Detector protects battery charging rooms and other locations where motive and stationary batteries are present by continuously monitoring hydrogen gas levels. The H2D is equipped with LED lights and an 80 dB alarm. AC- or DC-Powered models are available with single or dual relay.


    Improving Safety in the Battery Room with H2D Hydrogen Gas Detectors
    As a byproduct of the battery charging process, hydrogen gas accumulates in every battery room, and without robust ventilation systems, gas can accumulate to dangerous levels. Hydrogen mixes with oxygen to create a significant ignition hazard at a concentration of only four percent. Most safety measures recommend keeping hydrogen levels even lower, at less than one percent of the room’s total volume. The gas is colorless, odorless, and lighter than air, so it is very difficult to track without sensitive monitoring equipment.


    The RPS H2Detector Hydrogen Gas Detector  identifies hydrogen accumulation before it reaches a dangerous threshold. A hydrogen concentration of 1.00 percent activates the detector’s bright yellow LED light, while hydrogen levels of 2.00 percent or higher will trigger a flashing red LED light and an 80 decibel alarm.


    The RPS H2Detector is designed for easy integration into your operation’s ventilation system. It is available with a single or dual relay, in AC- or DC-powered models. Relays automatically activate the venting action of the RPS Hydrogen Exhaust Fan Kit or other peripheral technologies, translating alarms directly into a coordinated preventative response.