Battery Watering Systems

    FROETEK Aqua Low Profile Battery Watering System 

    Is a newly developed German engineered single-point water system designed to save time, increase safety and fit most forklift battery brands on the market. The ultra-low profile design is engineered for easy installation. Battery watering time is significantly reduced with the single-point delivery system, and the fluid level indicator allows for quick and easy monitoring of the fluid levels. Please note a pressure regulator is required to operate the water system.

    Design Features:

    • Quick and easy one-point connection
    • Prevents over-filling of battery cells
    • Prevents missed watered battery cells
    • Only two movable parts minimizes blocking
    • Ensures correct water level
    • Polycarbonate construction

    Water Deionizing System

    Part #WDS-1

    The Water Deionizing System (WDS-1) purifies water straight from the tap to remove minerals and pollutants that can damage forklift battery cells. The WDS-1 is more that just a filter. The cartridge contains cationic and anionic resins, and as water flows through, it removes dissolved impurities electrostatically.

    The WDS-1 produces entirely pure water that will maximize forklift battery performance. A purity light monitors the system’s status, and cartridges are easy to replace. A Water Gun (not included) can be connected to the output hose to water batteries directly, or the hose can be used to fill a water cart.

    Tap water is full of impurities that can damage battery performance and decrease run-times. These negative effects may not be discernible at first, but in time, minerals and particles from unpurified water will form a damaging buildup on forklift battery cells. The Water Deionizing System prevents this outcome.

    10 Gallon AC-Powered Watering Cart

    Part #WC-HYDRO-10-KIT

    The 10-Gallon AC-Powered Watering Cart helps small to mid-size operations easily and efficiently water forklift batteries. The 13-foot power cord combined with the 12-foot output hose gives the Watering Cart a convenient 25 total feet of reach.

    Keeping lead-acid batteries filled with electrolyte to the proper level extends battery life and ensures maximum performance. The 10-Gallon AC-Powered Watering Cart makes precise filling easy with its maneuverability and included Water Gun.

    The ergonomically designed Water Gun quickly fills cells to the precise level before automatically shutting off. Post-shutoff drip is eliminated, meaning electrolyte levels will be exactly where they should be.

    There are many choices for battery-watering equipment, but investing in our Water Carts gives you an ergonomic and economical way to water batteries. Our wide array of products are designed to meet the needs of all sizes of fleets.

    If intended for use with an injector string, please verify compatibility with us prior to ordering.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Sturdy 10 gal (37.8 L) polypropylene tank plugs into any 110 V ac outlet
    • Designed for small to mid-range operations
    • Easy to transport
    • 23’ (7 m) total reach with 13’ (3.9 m) power cord and 10’ (3 m) kink-resistant hose
    • Flow indicator on the Instant Valve Pro signals when the injectors have shut off and it is time to disconnect
    • Submersible pump mounted inside the tank delivers the pressure and volume required by the water injector system
    • Water Gun (WG-X) included for use without an injector system