Battery Accessories

    Battery Data Loggers

    A battery datalogger is the perfect tool for analyzing a site’s truck usage and power requirements in day-to-day usage. It is most often used to prepare new systems proposals or employee usage patterns.

    • Easily installed
    • Rugged phenolic case for maximum durability
    • Highly versatile – use on any truck size
    • High resolution data – either 1 second or 5 minute, user selected
    • Integrates with the advanced graphical analysis and modelling tools of DataLink3


     Battery Watering Monitors


    Battery watering monitors revolutionize the checking of electrolyte levels in industrial batteries.



    Battery Watering Systems

    FROETEK Aqua Low Profile Battery Watering System, is a newly German engineered single-point water system designed to save time, increase safety and fit most forklift battery brands on the market. The ultra-low profile design is engineered for easy installation. Battery watering time is significantly reduced with the single-point delivery system, and the fluid level indicator allows for quick and easy monitoring of the fluid levels. Please note a pressure regulator is required to operate the water system.


    RPS – H2Detector 

    Hydrogen Gas Detectors (H2D) protect battery charging rooms and other locations where motive and stationary batteries are present by continuously monitoring hydrogen gas levels. The H2D is equipped with LED lights and an 80 dB alarm. AC- or DC-Powered models are available with single or dual relay.