Battery Water Level Indicator

    Battery watering monitors revolutionize the checking of electrolyte levels in industrial batteries. 

    Our Water level monitors offer:

    • A bright LED light, making it much more visible.
    • Simple installation, reducing the potential for damaging monitors during installation and providing a far wider voltage operating range.
    • Strong design, ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance.

    SmartBlinky Pro™

    Let your batteries tell you when they need water.  SmartBlinky Pro provides the brightest and most effective electrolyte level indication of any battery watering monitor on the market, so you know when to fill your batteries, keeping them in prime condition. You will save time from unnecessary battery watering and level checking.

    The LED is mounted on the battery cable near the connector for maximum visibility –perfect for applications in which the battery never leaves the truck, like fast and opportunity charging.

    With our patented Smart Sensing Technology that eliminates false indication, our innovative SmartMOUNT for quick and easy install, and the SmartBEEP audible alarm, your batteries can stay filled and ready for use.

    Save time and increase your ability to avoid costly permanent damage to your batteries with SmartBlinky Pro. SmartBlinky Pro is rugged, built to withstand the harsh environment of industrial battery applications.  And, like our other Blinkys, SmartBlinky Pro is UL Classified so users are assured of its quality and safety.

    The audible alarm alerts management when a battery has not been maintained and for how many days, further enhancing the SmartBlinky Pro’s ability to help prevent costly damage to batteries due to low electrolyte levels.


    SmartMOUNT – The LED is quickly and easily mounted on the always visible cable.  This is especially important for a battery that does not leave the truck.

    SmartBEEP – This unique beeper adds an audible dimension to communicating the need to water and helps operators identify a battery that needs water even if SmartBlinky Pro can’t be seen.  The frequency of the beep indicates how many days the electrolyte has been low. Even if the LED is ignored, you will still know it needs water, and management will be alerted if maintenance is not being carried out.

    SmartDELAY – The SmartDELAY optimizes battery filling while preventing boil-over. The electrolyte level in a battery can rise and fall several times a day. With SmartDELAY, the SmartBlinky Pro’s LED only turns red when the electrolyte level has been low for over 24 hours, reducing the risk of incorrect watering and reducing the filling frequency.